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Choosing A Domain NameWebsite Optimization - Keyword Tools

 To get high search rankings, you must optimize your web site to have quality content that is useful to your visitors. Let's look at the specific things you can do to optimize your web pages for high search rankings.

 First, the most important rule: Web pages that have good content for your visitors will likely have high rankings from the search engines. This is critical for good rankings (and to good page design).

 Divide your site into categories that are natural and appropriate for the theme of your site. This will help both your visitors and the search engines find the information they are seeking.

 Have each web page contain unique information. That is, each page makes its own contribution to the site.

 Choose a navigation scheme that is logical and natural, one that your visitors and the search engines can easily follow.

 Choose 3 or 4 keywords or phrases that are appropriate for each web page. Because each page is unique, these keywords will be unique with their pages. Write text or copy for each page that gives important, significant, and useful information about the topic (don't just write fluff that doesn't say much). Place your keywords and phrases in a few appropriate places in the text such that the keywords contribute to the value of the text (don't over do this; putting your keywords in too many places may get you penalized by the search engines). Find the Best Keywords for Your Business and Drive More Traffic to Your Website!

Five Reasons Why Wordtracker Blows Other Keywords Tools Away

While free keyword tools certainly have their place in the world of online marketing, they won't give you the insights you need to generate more traffic, outperform your competitors, and multiply your profits.

For thousands of results-minded marketers around the globe, our tool is an invaluable resource in the quest for coveted search engine rankings.

Advantage #1: Wordtracker delivers the long tail advantage by giving you 2,000 keywords per search: by comparison, free keywords tools fall short by giving you fewer keywords for every search.

Advantage #2: Wordtracker's keyword competition data helps you to cherry-pick the most promising keywords for your online marketing campaigns. Other free tools give you no idea of how much competition you face.

Advantage #3: Wordtracker gives you more related keywords than any free tool – up to 300 per search.

Advantage #4: Wordtracker provides live support to help you get the most out of your keyword research.

Advantage #5: Wordtracker's enhanced management tools allow you to generate and organize thousands of keywords in less time than any free keyword tool: saving you hours of tedious work.


Top of the Search Engines with Link Building.

 Make no mistake about it: if you want to speed your site to the top of the search engine listings, you're going to need inbound links. In fact, Google, king of the major search engines, states unequivocally that "the quantity, quality and relevance of links count towards your rating."

And according to search marketing guru Aaron Wall, "Link building is going to be the SEO trump card for the foreseeable future."

In fact, inbound links give you double benefits - first, it boosts your search engine rankings and second, it brings potential visitors direct to your site.   Find out more about Link Builder pricing

 Not all links are created equal. In the land of link building, quality reigns supreme it's much more important than quantity. Getting a small number of inbound links from relevant, authoritative sites can greatly improve your site's rankings, while dozens of links from lower-tier sites can prove next to useless.  

Obtaining quality links from a diverse range of websites is the ultimate objective of any link building strategy. It's also one of the biggest challenges SEOs and website owners face today. Why? Because trying to separate good sites from worthless ones is no easy task. Truth be told, searching for quality links can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The best pages to get a link from will themselves have a high number of inbound links. This high number ensures that these pages:

  • are popular and likely to be authoritative
  • have human visitors who are likely to click through to your site and
  • will pass on 'link juice' to you (since Google already considers them an authority)

Here's something else to consider: not only do you want to find high quality link prospects; you want to find sites that will act quickly to create a link back to your site. That way you get an immediate return on your efforts.

So what is the best, most efficient way to find promising link prospects those that will bring you fast, measurable business results? Better yet, once you do start building quality inbound links, how can you effectively measure and refine your strategy so that you're always one step ahead of your competitors? Take a risk-free 7-day trial of Link Builder.

The Answers Lie with Link Builder

Link Builder is an exciting new tool from Wordtracker, designed to help you instantly identify your best link prospects - and build a linking campaign that exponentially grows your online presence.  

With Link Builder, finding quality link prospects has never been easier. In just minutes, you can uncover thousands of credible, relevant links that will accelerate your climb in the search engine rankings faster than you ever thought possible!

How Does Link Builder Help You?

With a premium Link Builder subscription, you'll be able to:

  • see who's linking to your web pages
  • see who's linking to your competitors' pages
  • understand your competitors' strategies and how effective they are
  • filter your searches to find the links you want
  • cherry-pick the best links and save them into a campaign
  • target a specific sector
  • build and manage as many campaigns as you want

Just as importantly, Link Builder helps you use this data to create your own intelligent linking strategy, one that will crank up your website's performance and ultimately lead to more traffic, conversions and profits. Take a risk-free 7-day trial of Link Builder.

The Link Builder tool provides four major advantages that help you overcome the challenges of successful link building. With Link Builder, you have the ability to:

  1. Quickly find relevant link prospects – sites that could link to yours
  2. Evaluate these prospects to concentrate your efforts on the best
  3. Organize your link prospects into campaigns and keep track of whom you've contacted
  4. Analyze sites that rank well for a particular keywordHow Does Link Builder Help You?

Advantage #1: Quickly find relevant link prospects

By analyzing the competitive landscape, Link Builder helps you find quality link prospects - quickly. See how many sites already link to your competitors, how many links they provide, and which sites bring the most search engine benefit.

Using this information, you'll be able to find quality sites that could link to yours.

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