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Competitor Analysis Tool Free Competitor Analysis Tool - There are many elements that impact search engine ranking. This Free Tool allows you to compare your web page’s optimization to your competitors. Its the easy way to find out who’s doing what and make the changes to get a jump on the competition.

Key Word Density Tool Free Key Word Density Tool - Keyword and search term usage on your web page is critical to your search engine ranking success. Check the keyword density of your key web pages with our FREE Keyword Density Analyzer.

Position Check Tool Free Position Check Tool - Top search engine ranking on important keywords is vital for serious traffic. Why pay to check your rankings? Check your search engine position now for free!

Simple Submission Tool Free Simple Submission Tool - Free submission is a great way to start submitting your URL to search engines. Submit Free, one of our many free SEO tools lets you submit your URL to 20 popular search engines from one location. You can submit your website for inclusion in the following search engines:

What does SEO mean, it is short for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, SEO is vital to generate traffic for your blog or website. In SEO, keywords, title of the blog or website, meta tags and others play a role for search engine traffic.

So, if you have a blog or website and want some analysis or work on improving it, use all of the SEO Tools offered on this page.

SEO Analysis Tools give you information like general status, meta tag list, keywords found in anchor tags and alt attributes for images. Under the category of general status for your site, this tool informs you if there is any http errors, the type of host server, character encoding and content type.

Meta tag analysis gives the score for the page title, meta keywords and description from a rating of zero to one hundred percent. Of course, one hundred percent would be prefect. However, under normal circumstances, an excellent rating score should do well enough.

For keywords found in anchor tags, alt attributes and on the page, you will be able to view results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you may realize, keywords play a vital role in SEO. Hence, seeing your page ranks for particular keywords is indeed important.

For URLs found in the site, the SEO Analysis Tools gives a list of each internal and external link found on the site. Google advises not to exceed one hundred links per page. According to Google, one hundred is the limit for optimum indexing by its Google bots.

To make your site or page more SEO friendly, just make sure you edit and check the spelling of your content. Correct all the grammatical and syntax errors before publishing your content. You can use SEO Analysis Tools for each page or for the whole website or blog.

Web Site Testing Tools!

  • W3C Validator - Check your web site to ensure you have valid HTML.
  • W3C Link Checker - Make sure all of the links on your pages are valid.
  • RSS Feed Validator - Check your RSS feed to ensure you have valid, well-formed XML.
  • BrowserShots - Free tool to see what your web site looks like in various browsers.
  • BrowsrCamp - See what your web site looks like on a Mac.
  • Mobile Phone Emulator - See what your web site looks like on a mobile phone.
  • Protect Your Email Links - Make the email addresses on your web pages unreadable by harvesters.
  • Email address harvest checker - See if the evil harvester bots can swipe addresses from your web site.
  • Sitemap Generator - Create site maps for Google, your visitors, and other search engines, free!
  • Email Server Check - See if your mail server is blacklisted, or run diagnostic tests.
  • Spam Checker - Test your newsletter or other email to see if it might make it through a spam filter.
  • Web Page Analyzer - Free web page analysis tool calculates page size, composition, and download time. Gives recommendations based on best practices for usability, HCI, and website optimization.
  • SEO Site Checkup - Analyzes URLs and automatically gives recommendations so sites can load faster, rank higher for search terms, and attract more visitors.
  • Down for Everyone or Just Me? - If you're having trouble getting to your web site, use this site to see if there's a problem on your end or if nobody can access your site.
  • TinyURL takes long web addresses and makes them short enough to use in emails. It's a permanent link and the service is free! See their site for more ideas on using tiny URLs.

Web Site Essentials

  • Web Site Templates - The world's largest professional ready-made web design shop.
  • Free Templates - These templates are all with valid HTML and CSS! Sweet.
  • Web Hosting - A nice home for your new web site, or your existing site!
  • Doman Registration - From, just $7.95 per year to register your domain.
  • Web Site Statistics - An awesome free resource to see what your web site visitors are doing.
  • aMember - Membership software for easily password protecting areas of your web site.
  • phpForms - Allows you to create your own customized, secure web forms. It's easy to install and operate and requires no programming.
  • Survey Software - Add surveys to your site with this free software from LimeSurvey.

WordPress Links

Web Site Marketing & Research

  • Search Engine Submission - Here's a great, comprehensive list of where to submit your web site for inclusion in search engines and directories.
  • Alexa - Track the popularity of your web site by looking at Alexa's traffic reports.
  • dnScoop - Many domain tools wrapped into one convenient package.
  • Page Rank Checker - A free tool to check the page rank of any web site easily, without the need to install Google toolbar. This tool also allows you to display the page rank value of your web site right on your web pages.
  • Domain Tools - Research all kinds of information about any web site.
  • Netcraft Domain Info - Find out what kind of web server a site uses, and more!
  • Reverse IP Lookup - Find out who has control of a particular IP address.
  • Who Is Hosting This - Find out which web host a site is using.

Design Resources

PDF and File Conversion Tools

  • Convert Files to PDFs - Have a Word Document you want to email or place on your web site as a PDF? No problem. Converts from a variety of formats.
  • Online File Conversion - Convert files between many formats.
  • PDF My URL - Convert a web page into a PDF.
  • PDF on Fly - Online PDF conversion, from a web page or image.
  • PDF Hammer - Free online PDF editor. Combine or delete pages, add a password or update meta data.




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